Why does your business needs good copy? Read On.

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Copywriting – the art of writing to sell your products and services and create brand awareness.

It is something that a lot of small business owners would say they think they can do well – After all, most will have at least a GCSE English under their belt. So it will be OK,right?

Well, it’s not as straight forward as you think.

There’s a distinction between being able to put words on a page and being able to convey a message or a feeling with words, getting the language right and getting call-to-actions bob on.

Being able to write and being able to write well are two VERY different things.

Copywriting is about using the right words, in the right places, to grab attention, while getting inside your potential client’s mind and inspiring them.

For a small business operating in the new age, where information about your company is instant, first impressions can make or break the opportunity to secure new clients – so good copywriting has become more important than ever.

Copywriting grows small businesses

If you want to help your small business’s marketing efforts, good copywriting is essential.

There are many ways your business will use words, but if we look at websites.

  • The average time someone spends on a website is five minutes, that’s if they have decided to stay.
  • The average time on the landing page is five seconds.
  • Whether your press release gets used or binned is equally as quick
  • So, in that very short space of time, journalists and potential customers will have formed an opinion of your business.

This relates to copy how?

Well, good copy is important for these reasons:
1. To help people form a good impression about your business and to interest them enough to keep reading and hold their attention.

2. The longer they stick around and read about what you have to offer, the more likely they’ll grow to trust you enough to become your customer.

3. If you keep offering good copy – whether articles, tips, how to guides, they will want to come back again and again to see what you have to offer.

Written copy forms literally every written aspect of your business, from brochures and newsletters to social media and your website, so it’s important to get it right.

Decorum PR Copy offers a comprehensive range of copywriting services: From web copy, to content and press releases and, even bespoke training services.

So, get in touch and make your words count – info@decorumprcopy.co.uk




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