Unearthing cracking content about your business? Tricky. Communicating key messages? Inconsistent. Engaging appropriately with your target audience? Hard work.

Media Communications

Newspapers, magazines and websites are thirsty beasts and so targeting the media with your organisation's news through a well crafted and timely press release is a great way to get positive column inches and boost your brand - and can be more effective than advertising.

Putting together a press release about your latest product or achievement, sending it out to any media outlet in your address book doesn't mean you'll see your organisation in print.

We will:

* Seek out the best angles for your news stories or features - because we know what journalists are looking for

* Gather the best quotes and suitable images for positive press coverage

* Communicate your key messages to bolster brand perception

* Put together media strategy plans together for longer term campaigns - whether you're planning a large public event or a product roll-out, a solid PR and media plan which includes a timely schedule and content plan for press releases - but also involves your social media

We've a wealth of experience in the media industry, so you can be sure that your news will stick out from the stack flooding busy newsrooms every day.


Whether you want to communicate with customers, stakeholders or staff - the messages you communicate need to engage, break down barriers and get them to act or fully understand your message, whether that's an email, a newsletter, internet or intranet site.

We Will:

*Listen to the key messages you want to communicate - or even help you devise them

* Create copy and content that not only communicates the information but engages

* Ensure consistency of messages in content across all of your channels

Bespoke Media Training

Don't know what information to give reporters when they contact you? Looking for new ways to get media coverage? Failing to get your name in the media? Then our training is just for you.

We'll boost your media knowledge and give your media skills the edge with tailor-made training sessions, which cover:

*What journalists are looking for

*How to unearth news stories within your organisation

* The best angles for the best coverage

*How to build positive relationships with journalists

We run our successful media training courses across Lancashire, Cumbria and the north west, but happily create bespoke training courses and deliver them at your organisation.

We Keep It Fresh...You Keep Growing

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